Texture from text by bleevINmiracles
Texture from text by bleevINmiracles


I’ve never been captured
in oil on canvas
nor my face sketched
with pencil on paper
No artist considered me
that way, I suppose

I am illustrated with words
in any medium
on any surface

Written on the wind
with my fingertips
Blown away
vanishing in thin air
Sometimes in rhyme
or a beat on the go
but mostly I just ebb and flow
and continue to grow

I twist and turn my thoughts
into the minds of the dreamers
who will remember me faceless
and without a voice
tumbling down the pages
of a book…or books

but light and dark
still rough around the edges
and the details fuzzy
merging into the background of life
at the end

I am what I create.

© LTM 04/07/14